IMG_0079at three sisters farm, an agro-tourism destination, we endeavor to grow, prepare, and serve food from field-to-plate, without compromising anything. we farm according to the phases of the moon, without the help of chemical fertilizers nor pesticides, and with a deep respect for the land.

the sub-tropical environment of south florida offers the type of climate conducive to creating amazing and distinctive dishes year round. some of our crops include various types of tropical fruits, heirloom vegetables, and caribbean flavors such as sugar cane, scotch bonnet, yucca, and jamaican sorrel!

our head chef/farmer, jonathan gambino, trained at the natural gourmet institute for health and culinary arts (new york city), and has worked at some of the finest vegetarian restaurants in the nation. always finding disappointment in the restaurant and business world, jonathan created the most exciting and rewarding experience for himself by growing his own food and welcoming everyone to enjoy his table-to-farm meals.

at three sisters farm, we plant our menu in its entirety in that everything that is grown here is a predetermined ingredient for our farm meals. we are unique in that we grow our food mostly to serve rather than to sell, although we do offer our abundance to the public (either directly off the farm or through local farmer’s markets). the intrinsic value of the food we grow here is so high that it is our responsibility to maintain that value through our prepared meals; overall, leaving our visitors with a holistic eating experience every time!

it is a great honor and pleasure to have you join us for a guided tour of the farm, followed by a homegrown meal in our two-story tiki hut.