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IMG_0324not a lot of people are familiar with jackfruit, the world’s largest and most exotic tree-bearing fruit. three sisters farm (in homestead, fl) fortunately dips down into a tropical latitude with the opportunity to grow this amazing fruit! the fruit grows directly off the trunk of the tree and its flavor is similar to the bubble gum: juicy fruit. we grow two varieties of jackfruit here: a soft one and a firm one.

widely used in indian cuisine, it is cooked green, or fried in curries. it is also used in china, where they pickle the rind! i personally love to dehydrate it to preserve it. it is so delicious, it is like an all natural, nothing-added fruit snack. if you ever come to three sisters farm for a meal or if you have ever been here before, you will know that i like to use it in many recipes. sometimes in salads, or i will re-hydrate it and use it in all sorts of entrees.

a lot of chefs get timid when they see these fruits because of his enormity and how much work it takes to actually get to the fruit! in this video, watch me harvest and cut open a jackfruit!

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